With a deep rooted passion for South Africa and all that she has to offer, BigSafari's team strive to offer you unforgettable African experiences. We believe that every traveller is looking for a unique experience, that is why we make it our highest priority to understand the needs of every individual in order to create tailor-made safari experiences that will resonate with you personally and leave you with long lasting memories of your time with us. Our travel consultants' service is based on personal experience, and it's with this knowledge that they help you curate unique itineraries to make the most of your time spent on safari. Along with that experience, we have partnered with South Africa's leading lodges and suppliers in order to maintain a level of service of the highest standard to offer you a truly unforgettable luxury safari experience.


As full service inbound travel agents we offer our clients the convenience of over seeing all scheduled air travel bookings. From domestic flights to luxury private charters, with our partnered service providers, we are able to see to every leg of your trip. We also have the ability to schedule long haul international flights at your request. If you would like to enquire about flights please contact us and one of our travel consultants will be able to provide you with a no obligation quote.



Our biggest passion is being able to share the wonders of Africa to all from around the world. People are often left with an indescribable feeling after having spent time in the bush and it's through these experiences that we hope to achieve a better understanding of the fragility of these environments and the Life they play host to. We look to promote responsible and sustainable tourism, it is therefore our focus to contribute towards conservation efforts which have a direct impact on the welfare of our fauna and flora as well as the communities which live side by side with the natural world. Although the task at hand may often seem overwhelming it is the collective effort of every individual which contributes towards lasting and meaningful change. We have partnered with a collection of conservation programmes which sees a percentage of all profits going towards a sustainable environmental effort. If you would like to find out more about these programmes and how your participation and contribution helps, please feel free to contact one of our consultants.


Through partnerships with all of our lodges, hotels and suppliers we are able to offer competitive rates on all of your bookings. Through these partnerships we can provide rates which fall below the rack rates provided if you were to go direct. If you have made existing bookings please feel free to provide us with your quotation and we will make sure to match or better the provided rate. We also offer fixed rates on all domestic flights.